My place isn't usually this much of a mess.

She is addicted to Farmville.

Stanley soon realized with horror the serious error he had made.

The battle lasted a week.


This is a set phrase of his.

Allan's room was pretty clean.

Even if you rack your brains over it, you won't solve it.


Stacey didn't mean to make Kyu angry.


Sanche didn't let fear stop him.


He arrived here just now.

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To our surprise, he scoffed the lot.

Before electricity was discovered, Christmas trees used to be lit by candles.

You've taught us a great deal.


I need to make some phone calls.

Melanie is a young mathematician.

I ask you, he's been cheating me!


I think it'd be great if you could come.

I guarantee it.

Jean can move objects with the power of her mind.

I'd like to wish my mom a happy birthday.

Wayne should've stayed at home.

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The ending wasn't a surprise.


Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you did!

There are significant differences between those two countries.

He had nothing to say, so he left.

When he arrives in Tokyo, I'll call you right away.

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

I want to talk to Tuna alone.

Next Monday is a holiday.

Since I'm here, let me help you.

Are you coming in?

The heart is located in the chest.

If I tell my mother, she'll worry, so I don't think I'll tell her.

Shamim hasn't come back yet.

Gerald has his first date with Natraj tonight.

Venkata can't cook well.

They stopped singing.

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I followed the law.

Personally, I relax listening to music.

Thanks to which I was up nearly all night.

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How dare you do that to them?

I know that he is not going to pay me.

I like music, especially classical music.

In the act of offering up his last prayer ere he made up his mind to float and be eaten, he saw a man look over the quarter of the brig : he raised both his hands ; he jumped himself up in the water, and, by the singularity of his motions fortunately attracted notice.

Love is in the air.

Something must be going on.

We should do this again tomorrow.

This dress will look better on you.

You've got time.

He resolved to turn over a new leaf.

He has lost weight.

No can't get Manavendra to make up her mind.

Nobody visits my country.

If you die, everyone dies.

As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river below me, I felt again the strange, compelling influence of the mighty god of war, my beloved Mars, which for ten long and lonesome years I had implored with outstretched arms to carry me back to my lost love.

As he is a man of his word, he will surely pay what he owes to you.

Some day, you will see me.


A pet theory of mine is that things should be seen from a distance.

They delayed buying a new car.

I'd like to have this fabric dyed.


I wanted out of there.

I've been to Australia three times.

He does not believe in evolution.

Chinese is the language with most native speakers in the world.

The First World War began as a regional conflict and become one of history's worst humanitarian catastrophes.

I knew something was wrong.

The food was highly peppered.

Let's get them out of the water.

You can't go wrong if you read the instructions carefully.

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I think I mistakenly deleted that file.

Come on, who would believe that crap?

I walked out of the clinic without paying my dentist.

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Hazel says hello.


I'm not here to help you. I'm here to stop you.


The cat ran after the rat.

Izumi found a job in Boston.

He left town.

Where did you get the idea that I don't like Valeria?

My computer works fine now.

Can we go over my options?

We'll contact you as soon as we can.

Who would have thought around 1900 that in fifty years time we would know so much more and understand so much less.

Drink brought about his downfall.

Thank you for your letter of July 25 and the fabric sample.

He's the only survivor in the village.


Butterflies are beautiful.


You should be very proud of yourself.


They left after they finished lunch.

Don't bother waking me up at 4:00 a.m. I don't plan to go fishing tomorrow.

Take me to her.


His family is rather badly off.

They are not singing, they are flirting with each other.

Midterm exams are next week. Just cramming the night before won't get you ready. The time to start studying is now.


What sort of temperature are we going to have tomorrow?

I am talking with Irfan.

Sedat is smarter than any other student in our class.

Rutherford Hayes was born in Ohio in 1822.

You'll protect me, won't you?

Sean never opens that window.

You cooked the steak just the way I like it.


Warning: the lifeforms in this universe are surrounded by 10% dandruff. Would you like to set up a new one?

I know it.

Danny and Cliff went potholing.

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Can you make room for one more?

We'll succeed.

The noise frightened the baby.

Can I ask her something?

What's Philip doing right now?

I was able to solve the question this morning.

Hang in there, Jem.

We did what we could.

He said such awful things to me.


I've mislaid my watch.

I'd never leave them alone.

I can't figure out why he didn't tell the truth.


Argh! My computer froze up again.

Would somebody look after her?

He resented everyone's being very quiet.


Thanks for doing that for us.

Who that understands music could say his playing is good?

It's not pertinent.


Hey, give that back to me.

I can't take this on, because I already have enough problems to solve.

The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

I can't make out what the man is saying.

I'm disgusted and disappointed.

Page changed into his school uniform.

Where is the embassy?

Lui used to spend summers here.

He hopes to entice her into doing what he wants.

How many slaves were taken from Africa to America?

You found Lewis, didn't you?

It's a mere drop in the ocean.

I don't think Swamy would like Boston.

I'm so glad you like it.

It is no use your trying to persuade him.


He did his best.

All right, let's move on.

What is the difference?

Ken just saw Tomas.

Is there anyone here who hasn't yet met Caroline?


They don't owe me anything.

Maarten was the last one into the car.

I believe her.

The victim of blackmail has been paying hush money for years, but now he realizes it is foolish, and he has decided not to pay a red cent more.

You're not anything like him.


Don't point your finger at me.


We want one.

He likes cantaloupe.

It is a consolation that no one was killed.

Julie doesn't know you as well as I do.

It was pretty dark.


We have lots of work to do.


I'm the only one here who can do that.


In this paper I address the question, what is difficult about the intermediary's position in a negotiation?

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We see a lot of cars on the street.

I am allergic to pollen.

With the subjunctive past all the 'be' verbs become 'were', OK?

He speaks fluently.

A name is sound and mist.


It's about time you went to the barber's.

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I'm not interested in hearing any of your theories.